Kids in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland get the chance to train like the pros weekly as part of the first ever Adamas Gamers Academy.

Get expert coaching in your game while playing with your friends and learning skills that will prepare you for a future in gaming and esports.


Perform when it matters.

Esports and gaming is here to stay as a cultural phenomenon and we believe that the opportunities that will arise in this industry will be some of the most innovative and interesting for our children to partake in. We want to give children (and their parents) the resources they need to understand and get involved in this exciting industry through a year long academy program.

At the Adamas Academy, we challenge our players to become the best versions of themselves, both in-game and out of it. This commitment to excellence is supported by the mutual respect between parents, coaches and players.

We strive to provide a safe and engaging environment where each player has the maximum opportunity to learn and develop no matter what their goals in gaming are, whether that is to become a streamer, a professional competitor or to learn the skills to have a successful career in the industry.  We teach our players that discipline, balance, focus and passion are necessary to achieve not only success in gaming but in life.

In-Game Coaching

Our coaches have all played their respective games at a very high level and have experience coaching kids. Players will receive resources, instruction and training in all the core aspects of competitive gaming.

  • Meta Analysis
  • Movement
  • Weapon Review
  • Team-work
  • Call-outs

Train like a pro

Training + Performance

    We are experts in gamer performance and know that gamers need a healthy mind and body to perform at their best. Our players will be taught and get to experience the tests and training plans that we use when we work with professional gamers from some of the world’s biggest esports


Visual Performance

With our state-of-the-art RightEye technology we can measure your eye-tracking skills to identify areas for improvement that we can then help train.


Learn quick and easy tips to keep your body healthy and flexible while gaming. These little improvements can make all the difference.

Cognitive Skills

Gamers are cognitive athletes. We will assess and train you to make sure your mind ready and optimized for the challenges of gaming.


Sleep, recovery and nutrition are vital to all human performance including gaming. Our players will  learn tactics to use to make sure they perform when it matters.

Find a career in Gaming

Career Development

Whether our players’ aspirations are to be streamers or competitors or not, gaming and esports offers many interesting job opportunities in one of the fastest growing and most innovative industries on earth. As part of their time in the Academy we will give them the tools they need to be able to pursue opportunities within the industry.


  • Video-editing

  • Coding
  • Social Media content

  • Branding

  • Media

  • Community Management

  • Networking


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