Esports athletes require a holistic performance model that covers all key areas of cognitive, emotional, and physical development within esports so that they can perform when it matters.



At Adamas we believe in the concept of marginal gains for esports athletes, the idea that a 1% improvement in every little thing you do will result in massive upgrades in performance. However, we feel that there are maximal gains to be had by the majority of esports athletes by optimizing fundamental aspects of their gaming, health, lifestyle, and psychology.

Each of these aspects are vital to our mental and physical performance. High performing esports athletes embracing this holistic performance model will build a rock-solid foundation combining skills and practices to help them excel in training so they can perform when it matters.

A diamond is a rare object made under the right conditions. We believe a high performing esports athlete is made in the same way with training that meets all the conditions necessary to allow players to shine.

The Adamas Methodology is built on this idea and consists of four main facets of esports performance: Gaming, Health, Lifestyle, and Psychology. This performance model and its facets are the foundation on which all of our tools and services are built.


Gaming is the foundation and most fundamental element of esports performance. At Adamas, we are using cutting edge science to uncover the best practices for developing training regimens that help players and teams yield the best results. These results include improved skill development, achieving peak performance before competitions, and reducing risks of overtraining that contribute to common problems like injury and burnout.


We use performance psychology to help players and teams to develop their mental skills. This includes developing skills like goal setting, communication, team dynamics, motivation, managing pressure, regulating emotions, performance anxiety, and more to help players and teams build a winning mindset and healthy culture.


Lifestyle consists of essential out of game activities like movement, nutrition, and sleep. Each is extremely vital to your cognitive and physical performance. Without focusing on these essential lifestyle factors, you’re putting yourself at a significant disadvantage in training and at competition. Our tools and services will help you with your movement, nutrition, and sleep so you can reach your goals and reap the performance and health benefits.


Esports is demanding on a player’s body and mind. When your physical or mental health suffers it can impact your performance and quality of life. We use leading injury prevention and management techniques for esports athletes and have access to some of the top practitioners in the world to help keep you in the game.

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Adamas can provide your athletes with a suite of services to help them perform when it matters. We customize our programs and services for every athlete individually to help them achieve their goals. Explore what we can do in the areas of performance psychology, health + lifestyle and gaming performance.

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Performance Psychology

  • Mental Skills Training
  • Communication + Team Dynamics
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  • Culture of Excellence

Health + Lifestyle

  • Player Health Assessment
  • Exercise Programming
  • Nutrition Programming
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  • Mental Wellness


  • Cognitive Load Management
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