Adamas provides leagues, teams, and athletes with a suite of services to help them perform when it matters. We customize our services and programs for every client to help them achieve their goals.



An esports athlete is a cognitive athlete that requires an individualized and innovative model of training + support.

At Adamas, we look at the athlete as a whole to find areas we can optimize so when you are on-stage or online playing for big money you are prepared to succeed despite all of the mental and physical stresses.

Performance Psychology

Mental Skills Training

Adamas provides individualized mental skill training programs to enhance mental skills like managing tilt, focus, confidence, and performance anxiety among many others through mental training tools that promote high performance and wellness.

Culture of Excellence

Adamas helps organizations create and maintain a strong culture of excellence through purpose, mission, and value development that will serve as a guide for each individual to be able to maximize their contribution towards the organization's shared goals.

Coaching + Leadership Training

Adamas aims to enhance the overall program and team performance by empowering coaches’ development with education and techniques to enhance their coaching and leadership both within and outside of the game.

Communication + Team Dynamics

Adamas introduces athletes to new methods of conveying information, including ways to resolve conflicts, learn from mistakes through coordinated debriefing techniques, and enhance teamwork through constructive communication and positive reinforcement.

Health + Lifestyle

  • Player Health Assessment
  • Exercise Programming
  • Nutrition Programming
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Mental Wellness

Performance excellence relies on a solid foundation of both mental and physical wellness. Focusing strictly on performance enhancement techniques without addressing underlying mental and physical wellness issues is akin to putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. Adamas looks to enhance performance by introducing athletes to techniques that will allow them to enhance and maintain their physical and mental wellness across all aspects of their lives, both inside and outside of the gaming environment.


Cognitive Load Management

Adamas looks to ensure the maximization of performance through the coordinated delivery of training and competition scheduling helping athletes with the greatest opportunity to peak at the optimal time, while avoiding the risk of burnout leading into competition.

Travel + Competition Optimization

Adamas provides programming and strategies to minimize the negative demands of travel while providing remote-based or in-person competition optimization to make sure athletes are prepared to perform when it matters.


Perform When It Matters