Scott Cousens


Scott Cousens is an innovator, philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor. For the past 19 years, he has worked developing relationships within the international investment community. Substantial financings and subsequent corporate success has enabled him to establish strong ties with North American, European and Asian investors. As a principal of Hunter Dickinson, Cousens was one of the 2004 recipients of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Awards. In his spare time he is an avid cycler and mains Ashe in League of Legends.

Caleb Cousens

Chief Executive Officer

Caleb has over a decades’ experience building and marketing start-ups across the gaming, sports, apparel, and tech industries. Prior to Co-Founding Adamas Esports, Caleb was part of the team that built Fortius Sport & Health, one of the world’s foremost sports medicine, science and training facilities. A long time FPS gamer, Caleb has invested his limited gaming time recently to mastering the Jungle in League of Legends.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Chief Strategy Officer

Prior to joining the NCompass team as Vice President, Ryan was the Global lead for Video Game Marketing at Red Bull Energy Drink where he launched and managed the company’s worldwide video game strategy. At Red Bull Ryan was responsible for all of the in-game placements of product, athletes, team, race teams, advertisements and employee incentive programs developed from these properties.

Jake Middleton

Esports Performance Manager

Jake is a lifelong gamer that used to compete in Halo Esports back in the day and is passionate about helping gamers be the best versions of themselves. He has been a driver of research and innovation across esports performance in the last five years specifically around a holistic approach to esports training. He holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science, is a certified exercise physiologist, and is currently working on his master’s in sport and performance psychology. Jake has spent time with some of the top teams across professional, collegiate, and high-school esports. He brings a wide ranging skill set to be able to optimize the gaming, health, lifestyle, and psychology of esports athletes.

Matt Fisher

Esports Performance Manager

Matt has worked with teams and leaders of some of the highest performing industries including Olympics, X-Games and more. Matt excels at facilitating cultural shifts within teams and organizations by introducing high performance concepts in an organic way. He has a long career working with high performers as a strength and conditioning coach, mental performance coach and most recently is working to become a certified mental health counsellor. He has also mentored coaches and leaders to enhance performance and execution in their teams. Matt dabbles in COD, FIFA and continues to partake in soccer when his schedule allows.

Dr. Lauren Mcbride

Performance Advisor, Psychologist

Dr. Lauren McBride is a Registered Psychologist in BC and Mental Performance Consultant. Dr. McBride's areas of expertise include university-aged population mental health, sport performance enhancement and mental skills training.

Jerrad Guenther

Performance Advisor, Rehab Specialist

Jerrad Guenther completed a MSc in the Motion Analysis and Biofeedback Lab at the University of British Columbia. He has experience with planning and conducting novel exercise programs as both a graduate student and research coordinator in the lab. He has established skills in program design, exercise interventions, recruitment, and data collection, with expertise assessing outcomes such as biomechanics, muscle strength and physical function.

Dr Rick Celebrini

Performance Advisor, Physiotherapist

Dr. Rick Celebrini is internationally-recognized as one of North America's leading sport and orthopedic physiotherapists and is currently the Director of Sports Medicine and Performance for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. As a therapist and consultant, Dr. Celebrini has worked with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and the NHL Players Association and in 2010, Dr. Celebrini occupied the prestigious role of chief physical therapist at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Dr Kevin Loopeker

Performance Advisor, Sport Optometrist

Dr. Kevin Loopeker has years of experience working within the sports vision field and has worked with the Canadian National Ski, Shooting and Soccer teams; and both men and women of the Vancouver Whitecaps. Dr. Loopeker received his Doctorate Degree (with Distinction) from the Pacific University College of Optometry (Forest Grove, Oregon). Here he spent four years working as the Sports Vision Research Assistant to Dr. Alan Reichow, Director of Sports Vision at Pacific University and Chief Vision Consultant for Nike.

Dr Lindsey Migliore


Dr. Migliore, known online as GamerDoc, is a licensed medical doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. She received her medical degree from NYITCOM and was awarded a Faculty Associate position at the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine in August in acknowledgement of her accomplishments in esports medicine. She is an excellent writer with articles at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and the Association of Academic Physiatrists, and works with athletes, schools and esports teams in the realm of medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Migliore brings an exemplary medical expertise and burning passion for esports to the Adamas team.