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Adamas is a global leader in measuring and training esports performance.

Adamas provides esports athletes with the knowledge, tools, inspiration and guidance to rise to the ranks of the truly elite. Adamas athletes will experience the best in remote performance training and monitoring from the comfort of their own homes or training facilities.


Esports Orgs

Let Adamas take care of your greatest asset, your talent. We give your athletes and content creators the tools they need to perform when it matters. From lifestyle optimization, physical and mental training, to performance psychology skill development, let us give you an unfair advantage.


Esports Leagues

 Adamas provides leagues with programs that are built from an educational foundation. We make sure your athletes are at their best physically and mentally. In working with Adamas, leagues also enter the wellness space with the content and sponsorship opportunities that come with it.

Adamas Methodology

A diamond is a rare object made under the right conditions. We believe a high performing esports athlete is made in the same way with training that meets all the conditions necessary to allow players to shine. 

The Adamas Methodology is built on this idea and consists of four main facets of esports performance: Gaming, Lifestyle, Health, and Psychology. This performance model and its facets are the foundation on which all of our tools and services are built. 


Adamas can provide your athletes with a suite of services to help them perform when it matters. We customize our programs and services for every athlete individually to help them achieve their goals. Explore what we can do in the areas of performance psychology, health + lifestyle and gaming performance.

Performance Psychology

  • Mental Skills Training
  • Communication + Team Dynamics
  • Coaching + Leadership Development
  • Culture of Excellence

Health + Lifestyle

  • Player Health Assessment
  • Exercise Programming 
  • Nutrition Programming 
  • Sleep Optimization 
  • Mental Wellness 


  • Load Management
  • Travel + Competition Optimization

Adamas Performance Team

Jake Middleton

Jake Middleton

Director of Performance

Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher

Esports Performance Coach

Dr. Lauren McBride

Dr. Lauren McBride

Performance Advisor, Psychologist

Jerrad Guenther

Jerrad Guenther

Performance Advisor, Rehab Specialist

Dr. Rick Celebrini

Dr. Rick Celebrini

Performance Advisor, Physiotherapist

Dr. Kevin Loopeker

Dr. Kevin Loopeker

Performance Advisor, Sport Optometrist

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