Adamas Esports announced as the Houston Outlaws' official performance partner

VANCOUVER, April 1, 2021— Adamas Esports Performance & Training Ltd. continues to expand its service offerings through partnerships with several top level esports organizations in 2021. The team is excited to announce their involvement as performance partners of the Houston Outlaws of the Overwatch League.

Adamas will provide performance coaching and health & wellness expertise to Outlaws players and coaches as part of the partnership. Services will include sports psychology, coaching development workshops, and lifestyle coaching and recommendations delivered through online workshop sessions and one on one time with the athletes.


“The Outlaws organization have made a big commitment to the health, wellness and performance of their players. We are looking forward to continuing to help build the right culture with the team leadership and give all their athletes the tools they need to perform when it matters,” shared Caleb Cousens, Adamas CEO.

“We are thrilled to be leveraging the proven expertise of Adamas Esports in an effort to give the Outlaws a competitive advantage this season,” said Lori Burgess, Chief Operating Officer for the Houston Outlaws. Our goal is to accelerate our performance and to ensure that our players are poised to achieve optimal results in their quest to win together as a team.”


Adamas looks forward to contributing to a culture of wellness and success in the Outlaws organization, and the Outlaws plan to share some of the training tips to their fans that love the game as much as we do! #AnteUp #OutlawsNation



Adamas Esports was founded in 2018 and is an emerging global leader in esports performance. The team specializes in performance coaching, sports psychology, and exercise science, providing professional services to top tier esports organizations across a multitude of competitive titles, including League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. To learn more about Adamas Esports, its services or its methodology, visit



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