Originally published December 18, 2020.

Adamas, an emerging global leader in measuring and training esports performance, signs with Brazilian esports powerhouse INTZ.

VANCOUVER, December 18, 2020 — Fresh off of a strong competitive showing in 2020, INTZ continues to evolve and build its new health and performance program for its athletes. The pilot program will take place with League of Legends athletes for the first CBLOL split in 2021.

The Adamas team that will work with the Brazilian club is composed of professionals from various areas including mental performance, psychology, physiotherapy, optometry, and physical rehabilitation.

Adamas’ methodology has been similarly employed in the past through partnerships with Call of Duty League teams like the Seattle Surge, and Overwatch League teams including their hometown Vancouver Titans. The innovative partnership will be the first of its kind supporting INTZ and its players in CBLOL.

The current Head of Innovation at INTZ, João Borges, explained the importance of this partnership for their club:

We know that we are at a very important moment in this migration to the franchise system in League of Legends, and thinking about it we understand the relevance to be pioneers in a program that will further leverage the results of our athletes and lead us to win even more titles.

Caleb Cousens, Adamas Esports’ CEO, is excited to bring the best in esports performance to a leading team in global League of Legends:

Our team will be working closely with their athletes and support staff to ensure all the pieces are in place for INTZ to compete at the highest level. We will be providing our holistic approach to esports performance to optimize the lifestyle, psychology, health and gaming of the athletes.

Initially, the work will be carried out remotely between Adamas and the athletes. Support from professionals who already work in the INTZ medical committee will serve as the direct bridge between the players and Adamas. Additionally, the Canadian performance specialists will facilitate weekly workshops for INTZ.

With a victorious track record and 5 CBLOL titles in recent years, INTZ seeks to maintain its positive streak of performance by implementing new solutions and methodologies in its programming.

Adamas looks forward to being a key component of that process.



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